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            Chapter 1 General


            Article 1 The full name of the foundation: Xiamen Lugong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Love Foundation.

            Article 2 The purposes of the foundation: to gather love and spread friendship; to help the crisis, help the hardships and help students; to dedicate love and build harmony.

            Article 3 The slogan of the foundation: Love at Lugong holding hands, love you and my heart.

            Article 4 The purpose of the foundation: to advocate the traditional virtue of unity, friendship and mutual help, to gather everyone's strength, to help alleviate the special difficulties of employees and to build a harmonious enterprise.

            Article 5 The Foundation is a voluntary fund-raising, self-organization, co-creation, self-management, and supervision by all employees of the company, which is responsible for fundraising, providing relief to the poorest employees, and carrying out charitable donations and other activities for the society. Non-profit organization.

            Article 6 The Foundation abides by national laws, regulations and relevant regulations, abides by social morals, and works under the guidance of the Fund Management Committee.


            Chapter 2 Source, Use and Management of Fund


            Article 7 The source of the fund:

            1. Employee's love donation: The minimum monthly donation standard for all employees of the company: 5 yuan / month for general employees, 10 yuan / month for middle managers, 15 yuan / month for senior managers, and the donation is listed separately in the monthly salary Withholding donations, and transferred to the Foundation account. It is voluntary for employees to become members of the company's love fund. When the foundation is officially established, all employees of the company will automatically be upgraded to members of the foundation; in the future, after the new employee joins the job, the human resources department will collect the signature return receipt record form for the employee from the membership After signing, you will become a member of the foundation (new employees will start paying dues the following month after entering).

            2. Based on the number of employees voluntarily paid by the company, the company shall include the subsidy of not less than 5 yuan (10 yuan for middle-level and 15 yuan for high-level) from the employee welfare fund per person per month.

            3. Donations from social groups and other loving people.

            4. Interest earned by depositing financial institutions with a certain amount of principal of the fund.

            5. Funds obtained by the Foundation through other forms of activities.

            Article 8 Scope of Fund Use

            1. This fund is mainly used for the employees of the company who have paid their dues in accordance with the regulations (people who have not paid the foundation fee do not enjoy it) and their families who are unable to solve it due to major difficulties. When necessary, charitable donations and other charity rescue activities can be carried out to the society.

            2. The conditions of the company's internal funding targets:

            ① The children of the company's employees were admitted to colleges and universities with excellent results that year, and the family really has difficulties to provide education for their children;

            ② The employees of the company, their children or their parents are suffering from major illnesses, and the family is indeed in trouble and unable to treat them;

            ③ The employee's survivors have temporary difficulties in basic life due to special reasons;

            ④ Those who have undergone major accidents in their families and have suffered from natural disasters or man-made disasters, leading to family difficulties and requiring assistance;

            ⑤ Other funders that the Fund Management Standing Committee deems necessary.

            3. Conditions for external funding targets of the company:

            ① Widowed elderly or orphans in need within the company's location;

            ② Students with excellent grades but who are unable to complete their studies due to family financial difficulties;

            ③ Areas, units and individuals that have caused major injuries and losses due to major natural disasters and urgently need assistance;

            ④ Other funders deemed necessary by the Fund Management Standing Committee.

            4. Hospitalization or financial difficulties due to the following reasons, do not enjoy loving support:

            ①Disability and sequelae caused by engaging in illegal activities, including armed fighting, fighting, theft, robbery, etc .;

            ② The cost of treatment for alcoholism, suicide, self-injury, self-mutilation, etc .;

            ③Medical expenses incurred for plastic surgery;

            ④ The party responsible for the accident shall compensate for the traffic accident.

            Article 9 Procedures for Generating Objects Supported by Love Foundation

            1. Inside the company:

            ① The rescued person applies in writing to the Fund Management Committee, and faithfully provides the medical diagnosis certificate, hospitalization certificate, medical charge bill, necessary medical history information, or economic loss caused by the disaster provided by the government unit above the township level After submitting specific opinions to the labor union of the company for preliminary review, report to the Fund Management Standing Committee for approval;

            ② The Fund Management Standing Committee organizes a meeting to review, publicly solicit opinions on the intended funding targets and funding schemes, and approves funding after no objection;

            ③ The foundation announces the status of funding on the company website or bulletin board at any time and accepts the supervision of the donor and all employees.

            2. Outside the company:

            The Fund Management Standing Committee is responsible for reporting the intended recipients and funding plans, publicly soliciting opinions, and finally determining the recipients and funding plans.

            Article 10 Those who commit fraud in the declaration shall withdraw their subsidies once they have been verified, and shall be punished accordingly according to the circumstances.

            Article 11 The Foundation designates accountants with professional qualifications to be responsible for accounting work. Accountants must carry out accounting and carry out accounting supervision. When an accountant transfers to work or resigns, he must go through the handover procedures with the receiver.

            Article 12 The fund is set up separately by the finance account, which implements independent accounting, democratic management, and special funds. The funds are used in accordance with the principle of "saving within the means, saving slightly". For internal employees who meet the funding requirements, according to the fund stock, depending on the situation, donate 500-10000 yuan.

            Article 13 No unit (department) or individual may embezzle, privately divide or embezzle the funds of the foundation.


            Chapter 3 Organization


            Article 14 The fund establishes a fund management committee. The members of the committee are composed of the chairman, the chairman of the labor union, the company's leaders, the heads of various departments, and employee representatives. The Fund Management Standing Committee was elected with 7 standing members, including one chairman, vice president and secretary general.

            Article 15 The chairman, deputy chairman and secretary general of the Fund Management Committee must meet the following requirements:

            1. It is the standing member of the foundation's management committee;

            2. Support the Constitution of the Foundation;

            3. Has a good social image and certain influence, and has certain management capabilities.

            Article 16 The chairman, vice-chairman and secretary-general shall be confirmed by election of the whole committee of the fund management committee. If the above-mentioned personnel changes, it will be elected by the committee of the Fund Management Committee.

            1. The term of each term of the foundation is three years, and the president, vice president and secretary general may be re-elected. The Fund Management Committee meets at least once a year.

            2. The meeting of the Fund Management Committee must be attended by more than 2/3 of the members; the resolution of the meeting must be approved by more than half of the members present.

            Article 17 Powers of Fund Management Committee

            1. Formulate and revise the charter;

            2. Call a meeting of the Fund Management Committee;

            3. Hear and review the work report, fund management and usage report of the Fund Management Committee;

            4. Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Election Fund Management Committee;

            5. Decide on the major issues of the work of the Association.

            Article 18 Powers of the Standing Committee of the Fund Management Committee

            1. Decide on the object of funding and approval of fund issuance;

            2. Decide to deal with the daily affairs of the Association.

            Article 19 The chairman is responsible for the overall work of the fund management committee. Specific responsibilities:

            1. Host a meeting of the management committee to review and approve the foundation's plans;

            2. Review the income and expenditure of the foundation;

            3. Lead and coordinate the work of the foundation;

            4. Supervise and inspect the development of foundation work;

            5. Responsible for arranging and coordinating the specific work of foundation members.

            Article 20 Duties of Vice President

            1. Assist the chairman to carry out work;

            2. Specially responsible for the publicity activities of the foundation;

            3. Complete all temporary work assigned by the chairman.

            Article 21 Duties of the Secretary-General

            1. In accordance with the arrangements of the Fund Management Committee and the President, coordinate and complete the daily work of the Management Committee and the Standing Committee, organize the writing of the annual work plan and work summary;

            2. Preparing to hold meetings of the management committee and the standing committee;

            3. Formulate internal management system;

            4. Complete the work assigned by the chairman and deputy chairman;

            5. Keep the minutes of the fund management committee and standing committee meetings.

            Chapter IV Procedures for Making and Modifying the Constitution


            Article 22 The establishment and revision of the foundation's articles of association must be approved by the management committee meeting.


            Chapter V Termination Procedures and Disposal of Property After Termination


            Article 23 If the foundation fulfills its purpose or disbands itself or needs to be terminated for other reasons, the management committee shall propose termination.

            Article 24 Before the termination of the foundation, a liquidation team must be set up to deal with the aftermath. During the liquidation period, no activities other than liquidation shall be carried out.

            Article 25 All the remaining funds after the termination of the foundation are donated to the company's trade union, or the civil affairs department or other charitable organizations where the company is located.


            Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions


            Article 26 The Fund ’s interpretation authority belongs to the Fund Management Committee.

            Article 27 This constitution shall be effective from the date of establishment of the Fund Management Committee.

            Article 28 The foundation's information release and receipt and disbursement details are decided by the foundation's standing committee.

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