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            Parker set to celebrate the successful bidder Quanzhou purification company Bureau Veritas (France funded) laboratory equipment and decontamination

            News source: Release time:[ 2013-05-16 ]

               My company ushered in another major piece of good news this year, Bo set of medical purification company won the bid for Quanzhou Bureau Veritas (France funded) laboratory equipment and decontamination. This is another major breakthrough in our company's other main areas. Responsible for the overall planning, design, construction by us.

                   This fact once again proves bid to Division I status and advantages of the industry purification project. Division I will be based on the "health, safety, environmental protection, apply" design concept combined with the accuracy requirements, in strict accordance with the standards, the construction process specifications for construction of each country in order to ensure construction quality and progress. Thank all of my colleagues to pitch again.

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