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            Xiamen Lugong Group Co., Ltd.

            Xiamen Lugong Group Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen, a beautiful international garden city.

            Website link: www.angusopenstudios.com

            The group company has strong capital, and its holdings and affiliates have:

                Zhongjian Hongteng Construction Group Fujian Branch (special level)

                Zhejiang Kaida Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

                Xiamen Lugong Group Co., Ltd.

                Xiamen Lugong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

                Xiamen Baoshi Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

                Xiamen Jinxiada Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.

                Xiamen Lugong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

                Xiamen Lugong Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.

                Quanzhou Lugong Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

                Xiamen Lugong Construction Labor Service Co., Ltd.

            Business scope of the company:

                1. General contracting of building construction projects

                2. General contracting of municipal public works

                3. Steel structure engineering construction

                4. Earthwork construction

                5. Foundation and foundation engineering construction

                6. Construction of landscape greening project

                7. Curtain wall construction

                8. Construction of mechanical and electrical equipment

                9. Construction intelligent engineering construction, water and electricity installation, aluminum alloy production

                10. Construction of sports facilities

                11, waterproof, plugging construction

                12. Design and construction of electronic and biomedical non-productive purification engineering

                13. Hospital operating room purification system engineering design and construction

                14. Natural gas pipeline, oxygen pipeline, steam pipeline, oil and gas engineering construction

                15. Construction of large and medium-sized central air-conditioning and HVAC projects

                16. Fire protection, anti-lifting construction

                17. Research and development of new projects and new materials

                18, wholesale, retail, building materials, gold materials, Wujinjiaodian, chemical materials (excluding chemical dangerous goods)

                (The above business scope involves licensing business projects that should be operated with the permission of the relevant department)

            Core competitiveness:

            ★Complete qualifications. After more than 20 years of development, Lugong Group has already possessed national special qualifications and a number of grade-level qualifications, such as: construction decoration and decoration engineering professional contractor level, construction electromechanical installation engineering professional contractor level, electronics and intelligence Chemical engineering professional contractor level, general construction contracting level 2, building curtain wall engineering professional contracting level, fire protection engineering engineering professional contracting level, medical equipment business license (1, 2, 3) and other dozens of qualifications .

            ★Professional technical service

            1. New technology, new technology, super energy-saving, ultra-environmental research and development team to provide customers with modern engineering and technical services

            2. Experienced large-scale purification, electromechanical, air conditioning, intelligent, environmental protection, decoration, fire protection design teams to provide customers with integrated solutions

            3, more than 20 years of experience in various large-scale engineering construction management to provide customers with reliable quality assurance

            4, module combined clean operating room research and development, production

            ★ Perfect team

            1. The core leadership team, with more than 20 years of development, the company has created a group of professional core leadership teams.

            2. Elite training classes and elite training courses are the talent selection development plans built by Lugong Group for the selection and training of talents.

            3. Professional and technical personnel, with many professional design engineers and experienced technicians.

            4. Independent and perfect after-sales service team, Lugong Group adheres to the service tenet of “Quality First, Customer Supreme”, and the company has introduced the current advanced management system.

            5, module combined clean operating room research and development, integrated module combined clean operating room new construction mode has "industrial custom production, rapid assembly on site, variable space function, green environmental protection and energy saving, cost investment" and other characteristics, and domestic tradition Different modes of medical institution construction, the integrated modular clean operating room is an operating room that goes down the assembly line. This model leads the innovation of the latest technology in the medical clean industry.

            ★Quality of social resources, Lugong Group is committed to providing value-added services to our customers to the greatest extent, not forgetting social responsibility and mission, joining social welfare organizations and providing services to customers.

            All rights reserved: LUGONG GROUP


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