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            Biomedical Engineering

            The company has a professional technical team, from planning and design, installation and construction, repair and maintenance, technical consulting integrated services, in strict accordance with the national "clean plant design code", "pharmaceutical clean plant design code", "clean room construction and acceptance code" and "Pharmaceutical Production Quality Management Standards" provides comprehensive, high-quality professional design, engineering construction and technical services from program design, organization and other related technical matters. Covers pharmaceutical GMP clean plant project, high-end clean room construction project, clean operation department construction project, food clean plant project, laboratory system engineering, central air conditioning design and installation engineering, electromechanical equipment installation engineering, process piping engineering, automatic control system engineering , Electrical system engineering, low temperature cold storage engineering, industrial waste gas and wastewater engineering.

            1. Professionally build various purification workshops with A, B, C, and D purification levels (100, 1000, 10,000, and 100,000), process requirements, and flat layout.

            2. Professional construction of GMP plant purification engineering, pharmaceutical plant cleaning engineering, food factory cleaning engineering, drinking water plant filling workshop cleaning engineering, SC workshop cleaning engineering.

            3. Professional construction of special purification plants such as relative negative pressure, fire and explosion protection, sound insulation elimination, high efficiency sterilization, detoxification and deodorization, antistatic and other special purification plants.

            4. Professional construction and installation of lighting, power, electrical system and air-conditioning automatic control system control system.

            5. Professional construction of constant temperature and humidity purification plant system, air conditioner room, and freezer room.

            6. Professional construction of comfortable performance air conditioning system; consulting, debugging and testing of purification air conditioning system engineering.

            7. Professional construction of water supply and drainage, water treatment and gas treatment systems for purification workshops.

            8. Professionally contracted the decontamination of hospital operating room decontamination project, ICU, clean delivery room, 100-level laminar flow ward, negative pressure laboratory, central supply room, etc

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